Sebastian Vettel was left without points in the race in Bahrain

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Sebastian Vettel was left without points in the race in Bahrain

Nothing is going well for Sebastian Vettel. The problems started back in pre-season testing and continued with the first Grand Prix weekend of the season. Mistakes, incidents, penalties, and not a very good pace in the race - that would be a summary of the German's weekend.

The four-time world champion's debut in Aston Martin will not be remembered for good. Although his fans were hoping for a "new" and "awakened" Sebastian after leaving Ferrari, if the day is known in the morning, this does not bode well.

Vettel was knocked out in Q1 in Saturday's qualifiers and still earned a penalty for disobeying the yellow flags, which forced him to start last. He started the race pretty well and made his way to 14th position, but the race was marked by a new incident when he hit Esteban Ocon's car, for which he earned a new penalty, this time of 10 seconds.

In the final standings, only 15th place out of 16 drivers reaching the finish line.

Vettel apologized

Although at first, he blamed the Frenchman for a change, of course, that was only visible to him, Sebastian later repented and apologized to Esteban as soon as the race was over.

“I was sure he would leave me the space on the left, but he also went to the left, so as soon as I came behind him, my wheels blocked and I couldn’t avoid a collision. It is clear that it was not great for mine and for his race ", Vettel commented.

However, he realistically admits that it would have been difficult to score points even if that incident had not occurred. In the first stint, he drove as many as 24 laps on medium-hard tires, and that was not a good strategic decision.

“The race was tough. We had a good first lap, but then we decided to do something different strategically, which didn’t pay off in the end. We tried to go to just one stop in boxing, we had to do something. ” “It didn’t look so bad at first, but towards the end, I struggled quite a bit with the tires so I don’t think I could have scored points today,” Seb said honestly.

He didn't get the points for the championship, but he got the penalties on his driving super license. As many as five in just two days. Three penalty points were awarded to him for ignoring the yellow flag on Saturday, and two more for hitting Ocon’s Alpine.