Fernando Alonso: "I missed this feeling"

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Fernando Alonso: "I missed this feeling"

The tireless double champion showed that two years out of the sport, and not even a pre-season accident on a bike, managed to slow him down. He managed to push his Alpine A521 into the final part of qualifying for the first Grand Prix of the season, where he eventually qualified as ninth.

Still, the whole weekend didn’t look very good for Alpine. The team hoped to fight McLaren, Ferrari, and AlphaTauri, only to lose Esteban Ocon very early in the qualifiers, who failed to qualify better than 16th place due to the yellow flags in his last attempt.

"It was good," Alonso said. "I think we have to be happy with the qualifications. There was no confidence in any of the rides this weekend. I struggled a bit with the feel of the rear of the car in windy conditions, and now in the qualifiers, everything was calmer.

I think the night helped us with colder temperatures, so I could attack a little better, feel the car and it was fun. ”

He missed the feeling

The Spaniard did not hide his satisfaction with the performance in the qualifications and the overall return to Formula 1.

"I missed this feeling," said Alonso, adding: "I have to tell you what it's like to drive a car with little fuel, on new tires that provide top performance in the first round, a pleasant feeling to ride.

I missed that feeling. ” "I think the performance in the qualifiers is great. In the race, you have to adjust the pace to preserve the tires and other things. But in qualifying, the maximum performance is amazing. ” Although he starts from the ninth place at the start, the Spaniard does not intend to stop there.

He believes he can still make progress, even accompanied by a few fast drivers behind his back. "It's a plan," he said. “I think we need to be aware that some cars starting behind us may not have entered Q3 because they tried to pass on a mid-range tire, and they have a good pace and are probably faster than us.

So we have to attack, but at the same time have one eye on the rearview mirror because there are fast cars behind us. ” It seems that Alonso is feeling the adrenaline and happiness he had while he was an F1 driver again and indeed Alonso will be a real refreshment for this year's F1