Fernando Alonso: "I’m better than Lewis, Seb and Kimi"

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Fernando Alonso: "I’m better than Lewis, Seb and Kimi"

Fernando Alonso’s return to Formula 1 is definitely one of the top topics this winter. The former two-time world champion has been absent from F1 Paddock for two years, and the public is now eagerly awaiting his comeback appearances for the Alpine team.

Everyone is wondering what kind of Alonso we are going to watch. Motivated and quick, or the "grumbler" will wake up in him again as soon as things don't go well. The grid has changed significantly in the last two years, many young drivers have entered Formula 1, and some old rivals are waiting for it on the track.

He just talked about his competitors in an interview with the BBC before the start of the first Grand Prix weekend of the season. "It will be great and I'm looking forward to it. We have some young talented guys in Formula 1 who showed great characteristics in the younger categories, and we also have champions, those who were there two years ago - Lewis, Sebastian, Kimi.

" “Verstappen, although one of the younger ones and belongs to that generation of younger drivers, has been racing at the top level for four or five years. We have a competitive grid and it will be a real challenge to beat them all on the track.

” Asked if he was as good as the aforementioned drivers, including three world champions, despite being absent from Formula 1, Alonso replied: "No, I'm better!"


As for some realistic expectations from this season, the Spaniard is of course very aware that he will not have the opportunity to fight for the very top.

“I returned to Formula 1 with the goal of good performances and with the goal of competing for race victories, with the hope that I would fight for the championships." "We understand that this will not be possible this year because the rules are a little different, but practically the same as last year, so no miracles will happen there.

” "However, in 2022, there is a chance that with the new rules, the order on the grid will change, and we want to be a team that will surprise everyone. To succeed in that, we have to work hard this year, Alonso said.

Alonso is, as always, full of self-confidence and seems to want to scare the competition with his statements. A great season awaits us