Fernando Alonso: "I expect that there will be some surprises"

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Fernando Alonso: "I expect that there will be some surprises"

The two-time world champion is ready for his return to Formula 1 after a two-year break, and although he says that the balance of power between the teams cannot be realistically assessed before the first qualifiers, he predicts certain surprises at the opening of the season.

By winning 11th place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 25, 2018, Fernando Alonso left the Formula 1 World Championship. In the next two years, he tried out in various racing series but is now returning. As he says, ready and motivated.

In pre-season testing, as far as could be seen in a short period of time, the 39-year-old Spaniard looked very good behind the wheel of his Alpine A521 car. Alpine is expected to be part of a fierce battle in the center of the standings, probably with McLaren, Aston Martin, AlphaTauri, and Ferrari, so Fernando should not be bored on his return.

Who is really powerful here, and who will have more problems, is hard to predict at this point, but Alonso believes there will be surprises. “We did a lot of miles during testing, which is important because it gives you some base for the rest of the season.

We completed most of our program in three days, so we are relatively satisfied in that regard. ” "As for the performance of the car, it is too early to say anything and I think we will not know the true state of the ranking until the first qualifiers on Saturday when everyone will drive with little fuel, on the fastest tires, and with full engine power.

I expect that there will be some surprises ", the Spaniard predicts.


In preparation for the new season, Fernando was a little disrupted by an accident in which he participated while training on a bicycle. He ended up in the hospital and had to undergo surgery where doctors implant titanium plates in his jaw, but judging by the ride on the test, it left no trace.

“Ever since I agreed to join the Alpine F1 Team, I have put a lot of effort into being physically and mentally ready for this season. I learned a lot in the period before I was in Formula 1, especially through different racing styles, but now I am back in F1 and I am very motivated before the start of this challenging season ahead of us."

"It was fun to be behind the wheel of a car in testing, but now I can't wait to start racing, ”said Alonso. Earlier in his career, Alonso had success at the Bahrain Grand Prix. He achieved three victories - two with Renault in the years when he won the world title, while he registered the third while driving for Ferrari in 2010.