Ricciardo: "I hope that we will offer the fans a reason to smile"

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Ricciardo:  "I hope that we will offer the fans a reason to smile"

Although he admits that he needs a little more time to adjust to the MCL35M, the Australian wants to achieve a good result at the beginning of his first season in the new team. Daniel Ricciardo was in a similar situation two years ago.

After moving from Red Bull to Renault, he eagerly awaited his debut in the new team. Unfortunately for him, he ended the then first race of the season in Australia by giving up, and now he will still hope for a slightly better start to this new chapter in his career.

He points out that the pre-season went well and that he fit into McLaren's team very quickly. The three-day test did not give him enough time to fully adjust to the new car, but Ricciardo says emphatically that he is ready and wants to show what he can do in the first race.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter, my first race in papaya colors and I can’t wait to start. The team accepted me so that in a very short time I started to feel at home." "I feel confident and comfortable on the eve of the new season, which is important because I want to get the most out of our car from the first race.

” "As a team, we took advantage of how we could pre-season tests and the rides went smoothly. It was great to catch up with the MCL35M in those few days we had. Naturally, it takes a little time to adjust to the new car, but I feel ready for going out on the track on Friday.

” "It seems that the season could be competitive, but I want to be real from the very beginning, not to leave anything in reserve, but to do my best for the team, and I hope that we will offer the fans a reason to smile," Ricciardo said

Lando Norris on the new season

On the other side of the garage, Lando Norris is entering his third season with the team.

Last season is well remembered from the first race in which the young Briton achieved his first place on the podium, and in the final ranking of drivers, he was ninth with 97 points. He almost doubled his scoring performance compared to 2019, when the World Championships had four more races.

Now, with a lot of experience, he looks towards the start of the season: “I feel confident and ready to enter my third year in Formula 1. My goal is to continue to progress based on previous experience and help the team develop as much as possible."

" I know how hard everyone on the team worked, day and night, to be ready to race again and I can’t thank them enough. We have a long and challenging season ahead of us, and I hope we can start it the right way. ”