Rosberg believes that four drivers will be in the race for the title

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Rosberg believes that four drivers will be in the race for the title

Nico Rosberg has included Sergio Perez among his four potential winners of the Formula 1 World Championship this season. Rosberg, the last to become a champion in the turbo-hybrid era of Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton, thinks that his former colleague from Mercedes is very much the person to be beaten on the way to winning the championship, with the obvious Red Bull challenger Max Verstappen.

Rosberg has not written off Valtteri Bottas, who came to Mercedes after Rosberg decided it was time to retire after winning the world title, but he also believes that Sergio Perez has a chance, although he has not yet driven a single race for Red Bull.

Asked on whom he would invest his money for the title, Nico Rosberg told Gazzetta Dello Sport: "Stick with Hamilton. But even a small bet on Verstappen as insurance is a good idea. ” “And I wouldn’t say Bottas isn’t in a fight, because on a dry track he’s very fast, he can always beat Hamilton.

Although in the long run, in continuity, he fails to do so. ” "And this year I think Sergio Perez will be in the game as well. The season is starting where I think there are four potential champions and that’s very interesting.

Perez could be a surprise. As much as it can be considered a surprise. ”

Other teams

He also looked at the other teams. "I think it will be interesting to see what Ricciardo is doing with this McLaren who is obviously making progress.

And then AlphaTauri, who looked strong in testing." “We started well, didn't we? If Red Bull is really ahead, it would be fantastic because it would be exciting to see how Mercedes reacts, what they plan to do to catch them.

” "We'll see what Hamilton tries, and he'll certainly do anything to win his eighth title. And with Verstappen desperate to win, it's going to be great fun." “Just looking at the times [from testing] is not good and does not help.

But if you analyze everything a little deeper, you can understand a little better what the situation is like. What you can see is that there will be very close fights between Red Bull and Mercedes. ” Mercedes has been dominating for a long time and it will certainly be interesting to see if Red Bull or someone else can dethrone them.