Steiner: "We are realistic, it will be difficult to get points"

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Steiner: "We are realistic, it will be difficult to get points"

Last year with only three points won was the worst for the Haas F1 Team since entering the World Cup, and before the start of the new season, the situation in the American team is such that repeating last year's result would be considered a success.

Haas has been in decline for two years. They start the new season with the VF-21 car, which has already been announced that it will not be further developed during the season. The car will be driven by Formula 1 rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

Although the pre-season tests for Haas went relatively well and the drivers managed to do a good mileage, team boss Guenther Steiner reiterates that expectations from this season are minimal. “I hope our drivers learn as much as possible, maybe more than that, that they will be ready for next year.

If we could score a point or two at some point, that would be a fantastic result. We are realistic, it will be difficult to get points. " "As long as we learn, progress, and go where we were in the past - I am happy.

It will be a difficult climb ahead of us this season, but we will get something good out of it all, we will always do it. ”


Clearly, all teams are already looking with one eye at next season and the new technical rules.

However, probably no team expects as much from next season, new rules, and new cars as Haas. “I think there are a few things that need to keep us motivated throughout the year. We have two young drivers that we need to develop, and we will do that throughout the year.

With that comes excitement, I'm sure of that. " “Then, the light at the end of the tunnel is 2022, in which we will return to full strength because we regrouped last year and took a step back so that we could then take two steps forward.

Sure, some things will be challenging, but I think we can do it. ” “Everything is compressed now in the next nine months, but it’s 23 races. We are prepared for that and we will do the job ", says the head of the team Haas.

What the real possibilities of Haas and its young drivers are will be somewhat clearer this weekend when the first race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, awaits us.