Vettel revealed the differences between Ferrari and Aston Martin

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Vettel revealed the differences between Ferrari and Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel explained what the most important differences are between the Ferrari car he has been driving for the last six years and the Aston Martin that he drove for the first time this month ahead of the start of the new 2021 F1 season.

After two difficult seasons at Ferrari with Leclerc as a teammate, Vettel moved to Aston Martin, where his new teammate will be Stroll, and in pre-season tests, he drove the fewest laps of all racing drivers due to reliability problems.

For the first time in his F1 career, Vettel was given the opportunity to drive a car with a Mercedes engine after having previously experienced BMW (2007), Ferrari (2008 and 2015-2020), and Renault (2009-2014), but admits that it will take him a while to get used to different systems.

Aside from the new powertrain, Vettel says the steering mechanism seems different and will take time to get used to the different settings. “I had to meet new people and understand what exactly they think because there’s a lot we need to talk about about the car,” Vettel commented of the first weeks on the new team.

“Every F1 car has power steering, but every power steering is a bit different and gives a different impression. Because when you drive, you have the steering wheel in your hands and that's all the feedback you get.

Concept of the car

Vettel also commented on the different concept of the car compared to Ferrari, which ‘wants to be driven differently’. “The car has a different philosophy. It’s a different team, the car is different and that’s why it rides a bit differently.

The car wants to be driven differently, with a different powertrain. ” "Without going into details, because I don't think it's fair to compare them publicly, but it's natural that these things seem different and that it will take some time to get used to."

“Also, the environment in the car is different when it comes to comfort. The pedals are a bit different, as is the seat. So these are small things, but together they give a cumulative effect. ” "It was all very interesting for me, let's put it this way.

It’s not that it’s just one thing. It's not that you have a car with a high floor slope and you just lower the rear end and you're in a Mercedes. ” “Or to increase the slope of the floor [rear end height] and then drive a Red Bull.

It's not that simple. It is much more complex. There are a lot more elements that need to be put together. ”