Brivio: "Ocon and Alonso will be a great tandem"

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Brivio: "Ocon and Alonso will be a great tandem"

Alpine F1 team boss Davide Brivio is delighted with this year's driver combination and believes that Fernando Alonso is pushing every member of the team to the maximum with his demands, including his teammate Esteban Ocon.

Brivio arrived at Alpine's F1 team after winning the championship title in Suzuki's MotoGP team last season, but could not resist the challenge of leading the team in Formula 1. Alonso is returning after two years outside of Formula 1 in which he has twice won the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans, and on testing, he has shown that he has not lost any of his speed and will be ready to welcome the new season despite a bike accident.

“Fernando is really pushing and I think it’s very positive for the team to have this type of driver that stimulates everyone else, everyone is pushing to give their maximum,” Brivio said. "The fact that he's back in the most demanding class of motorsport shows how strongly motivated he is to be in action again and do a great job."

Brivio also commented on the driving lineup made up of Alonso and Ocon which he believes will be a great combination of youth and experience. "I think it's a great combination where Fernando will be very important to Esteban to show him how he can work differently with a more experienced driver."

“At the same time, Esteban can help Fernando as he becomes more and more competitive and I think he will be very competitive this year. I like that combination and I'm really looking forward to seeing them in action.


Brivio on his drivers

Alonso drove the fifth-highest number of laps in pre-season testing (206) while Ocon drove only 16 laps less which puts Alpine in fourth place in the number of laps per team with 94% of the laps of the top two teams.

“The team is doing a great job. We managed to go through the whole program without any problems, ”said Brivio. “As for Fernando, I saw that he was pretty fast. I think the drivers will be at the right speed in the first race and ready to fight on an equal footing with the others.

” "Of course, it is our responsibility and our job to give them a good package." "We have to see how things go on the race weekend, probably the first few races, but I think we'll be ready."

After finishing fourth in 2018, Renault finished fifth in the constructors' standings for two years in a row, and in 2021, under the name Alpine, they want to continue their journey to the top of the rankings.