Ricciardo: "Have I truly become one with the car? Not yet"

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Ricciardo: "Have I truly become one with the car? Not yet"

The Australian driver emphasizes the braking phase as the driving segment to which it is most difficult to adapt when changing teams, and this segment is important to him as a driver who is known for aggressive overtaking just on braking.

Daniel Ricciardo has done his first pre-season tests as a McLaren driver and can generally be satisfied. The MCL35M has so far not created any major problems for drivers and the Woking team has done all the programs without significant breakdowns.

Despite this, the Australian driver points out that he has not yet managed to fully adapt to the new environment. Daniel Ricciardo has changed a couple of teams so far and he is certainly aware that changing the team also means adapting to new cars as well as that it takes time to make such an adjustment.

“Going from Red Bull to Renault and then from Renault to McLaren, the biggest adjustment is probably needed when braking. I’m still trying to do that and understand where the boundaries of the car are." "It’s probably a matter of mechanical feeling.

You have a new car, new pedals, a new position and it's probably more about adapting to it physically, more than anything else. ”

Ricciardo is not 100% ready

It seems that just like in previous seasons, we will enjoy Ricciard's moves, especially when it comes to overtaking.

“Overall, in the last couple of years, McLaren seemed to have a good car on the brakes. I think everything will be fine when I get completely used to it so I hope you will see some good overtaking from me. Late overtaking!

” Daniel has the experience of switching from Red Bull to Renault two years ago, so he can probably use what he learned then to adapt to the McLaren car, but he says that it will take some more time, although he will try to keep that period as short as possible.

“You never want to admit that you don’t drive at your limit, but I think the reality is that it still takes a little more time to drive at 100 percent. I think I’m definitely getting close to that, but have I truly become one with the car? Not yet, ”admits the Australian. We will watch Ricciard’s debut performance for McLaren from March 26-28. It will be his 189th start in his career.