Perez: "I want to compete with the best in this sport"

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Perez:  "I want to compete with the best in this sport"

Sergio Perez is looking forward to the challenge given to him by a strong teammate like Max Verstappen, but he thinks it is also a great opportunity for him because he wants to compete with the best drivers in this sport.

Perez made his Formula 1 debut in 2011 at Sauber, and in ten seasons he finished eight times in the top ten with one eighth, two seventh,s, and one-fourth place at the end of last season, which is also the best placement in his F1 career.

The Mexican has been on the podium ten times, and last season he achieved his first victory in the penultimate race, making him the driver who needed the most appearances until his first victory (190). This season, Perez will finally get a chance in a car that competes for the very top of the standings, but in Red Bull, he faces the biggest challenge so far in the form of teammate Max Verstappen.

“Ever since I found out I was coming to Red Bull, I knew I was going to face a big challenge with Max, he’s a very complete driver,” Perez told the Beyond the Grid podcast of the official F1 site. "He's a very strong driver in all areas and it's going to be a big challenge for me."

"But that's what I wanted, I want to compete with the best in this sport, it's a great challenge and a great opportunity that I'm really looking forward to." "I see it in a way that I have nothing to lose in my career.

I was lucky enough to have a fantastic career, and everything that follows is great. ”


Perez drove 166 laps in three days in pre-season testing, 37 less than Verstappen, and set a 1.2 s slower time in the fastest lap on the same tires, but the Mexican was unlucky because he drove in the first part of the day on a track that is slower due to the high temperatures, although the conditions were great “The conditions for the two of us were so different in those few days, I didn’t see enough,” Perez said.

“He was driving on a track that was 10 to 15 degrees colder and vice versa, and the wind was changing. I think we will know more after the first three or four races. ” “He’s a very relaxed guy, there’s no politics around him, he just enjoys driving,” he told Verstappen. "We had a good time in the moments we spent together."