Charles Leclerc: "World Championship 2021? It will be tough ..."

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Charles Leclerc: "World Championship 2021? It will be tough ..."

Interviewed by CodeSport, Monaco F1 team Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc talked about the next F1 season and the upcoming F1 World Championships, discussing his team's chances of winning the championship. He said: "We will try to improve compared to last year, but there will be no miracles.

We have to be realistic: even if I hope so, I don't think we will fight for the 2021 World Cup. It is still very early to talk about the performances of the SF21. When I was talking about Bringing Ferrari back to the top was a medium / long-term objective, I was not directly referring to 2021.

The technical regulations prevent us from doing what we want on the car. The SF21 is not a revolution but rather an evolution of the SF1000. It was not easy to do everything in just three days but all the teams are in the same situation.

I think we made the most of these three days, we did a lot of kilometers even though we drove less than usual. We did everything we could. was the best preparation possible."

Zlatan Ibrahimovic against LeBron James and his political activism

Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticized LeBron James for excessive exposure on political issues.

Zlatan said: "I like LeBron a lot, it's phenomenal what he's doing, but I don't like it when people who have a certain kind of status are in politics at the same time. I play football because I'm the best at football, not I'm a politician.

I mean: do what you're good at, do your job. It's the first mistake a person makes famous." He referred to the positions taken on US politics and on the issues of black lives matter. Here is the response from the NBA star: "I am the wrong person to criticize because he talks about politics without knowing anything.

I prepare myself before speaking, my comments come from a very polite mind. There is no way that I will shut up in the face of injustice and limit myself to sports. I am part of my community and I have over 300 kids in my schools who need a voice and I am their voice, and I will always deal with issues such as equality, social justice, racism, medical care and the right to vote.

I know how powerful my voice is and the 'platform' from which I speak and I will use it always to take care of certain things, in my community, in my country and around the world. It is funny that he says these things, because he is the same guy who in 2018 talked about racism in Sweden linked to his origins and his surname."

About his surname in Sweden, Ibrha said: "It's systematic racism, not direct but systematic. If they can choose between defending me and attacking me, they choose to attack me. They do it because my name is Ibrahimovic and not Andersson or Svensson.

If I was called Andersson or Svensson. , believe me, they would defend me regardless, even if I robbed a bank. They would just defend me, because what I did no one ever did. "