Tsunoda: "Sunday was a really, really good day."

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Tsunoda: "Sunday was a really, really good day."

The Japanese Formula 1 rookie was thrilled after a very successful Sunday at pre-season testing in Bahrain. Japan will have their Formula One representative again this season, and given the rather promising first impression, Yuki Tsunoda may not be just a passerby in the prestigious company.

His tests with AlphaTauri were very successful. He drew special attention to himself on Sunday when he did as many as 91 laps in his four hours on the track, and towards the end of the program, he competed with Max Verstappen for the fastest lap, for a while even faster than the Dutchman.

Of course, that doesn’t mean too much for the season, but being tested within the tenth with Verstappen is certainly a big encouragement for Yuki. Tsunoda is very satisfied and it seems that this could be an introduction to a serious career in which he has a predisposition to achieve everything he wants.

“Sunday was a really, really good day. We made good progress, we had no problems and I was able to concentrate exclusively on driving, ”explains the young Japanese man.

C5 tires

Although Tsunoda and his team were unlucky for the first two days, they still managed to fix the impression “The first two days we also had a bit of bad luck, but in the end, everything came to its own and I think the mechanics and Honda did a really good job.

There were no breakdowns and I felt really good driving throughout the session. He did 91 laps and it was a really good test. " "I especially enjoyed the C5, the softest tires, because they provide a lot of grips, I've never experienced such grip."

When he was not driving on C5 tires, Tsunoda had one awkward situation that still left no consequences. He turned on the track and had a close encounter with Kimi Raikkonen in Alfa. He blamed the wind, but at least he met the legendary Finn.

"The wind was blowing from behind and a strong gust hit me so I almost turned around completely. I said "hello" to Kimi and then back on the track. I'm glad I greeted Kimi. We hadn't met before, but now I finally said hello to him, ”Yuki joked.

The Japanese made a good impression this winter so it will be very interesting to see what his chances are at next week’s Bahrain Grand Prix.