Toto Wolff feels concerned for his team even when there is no reason to

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Toto Wolff feels concerned for his team even when there is no reason to

The head of the Mercedes team says that he would worry before the start of the season and that everything went perfectly on testing, and rejects the theory that the problems with the car are the result of relaxation… Although many will say that Mercedes does not need to worry and that the current champions will be at the right level as soon as the new season begins, due to the events in the pre-season tests, Toto Wolff and co-workers can not sleep peacefully.

Transmission failure on Friday morning when Bottas stayed on six laps, Hamilton's loss of time in the afternoon due to seats and sandstorm and the champions' crash on Saturday, and another pirouette on Sunday… It was obvious that Mercedes drivers were not so good with their car and that the feeling of driving with the W12 was not ideal.

Although Sunday passed without a malfunction, Mercedes finished the tests with the fewest laps done of all the teams and the engineers certainly have a lot of work to do in the days leading up to the first race. Toto Wolff says he would have cared and that in the tests everything went perfectly.

"I am always worried. Sometimes for the right reasons, sometimes for the wrong ones, but pre-season testing is exciting because you always find hair in the soup. Things that are not good, and we had a lot of problems in the first few days.


Testing the car

In one statement, Bottas mentioned shakedown before the start of testing, that is, using the rights on the day of filming to test the basic functions of the car before coming to the test. Mercedes didn’t do that this year, but Wolff vehemently rejects the claim that the team relaxed after tremendous success.

"It's not a matter of relaxation. There’s a reason why there aren’t a lot of teams that win the World Cup or do it in a row. The organization must remain full of energy and motivated at all times, it doesn't matter.

" “Shakedown, if done in the right conditions, allows you to understand a bit more about the car, but our breakdowns in the early days have nothing to do with whether we did or not a shakedown,” says Wolff.

“On our to-do list is the first detailed data analysis. We will try to figure out where we were good and where we weren’t. Where we had a good correlation to our simulations, and where we didn’t in general, it’s like when you need to oversleep a particular idea. Wake up more intelligent the next day. ”