Leclerc: “There was some weird atmosphere in 2020."

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Leclerc: “There was some weird atmosphere in 2020."

The Ferrari driver talks about the "strange" atmosphere in the team last year, caused by problems with the car and the situation around the departure of Sebastian Vettel, but points out that things now look much better and brighter… The last season of the Formula 1 World Championship was disastrous for Ferrari, the worst since 1980.

The car was completely uncompetitive, and certainly, the decision to announce the end of cooperation with Vettel before the start of the season affected the atmosphere. The atmosphere was further changed by the fact that a replacement was found.

“There was some weird atmosphere in 2020 when we realized that realistically things were much worse than we expected and there were definitely times when it wasn’t great." "However, very quickly the mentality changed and a strong motivation and desire to return to where we want to appear, ”said Charles Leclerc.

Leclerc on Sainz Jr.

And the replacement for Vettel is Carlos Sainz Jr., who arrived from McLaren, where he has achieved very good results in the previous two seasons. About his new teammate, Leclerc says: "He is, above all, a great guy.

I don't think I've ever spent as much time with a teammate before the start of the season as I do now with him, so we get along very, very well and work well together. ” "Carlos brings us experience from other teams, so it’s very interesting and gives us some new options to explore.

" "Also, he is very talented and it is interesting to see the data when he is in the car and compare them. I can't wait for both of us to be in the car at the same time so we can make a real comparison. ” Sainz is more experienced than Leclerc in his Formula 1 experience and has already played in three different teams, but this is Leclerc's third year at Ferrari.

Mattia Binotto spoke recently about his drivers and made it clear that the team will not give anyone advantage and that he expects both of them to submit to the success of the team. “I’ve spent more time at Ferrari than Carlos, so I have more experience with the team, but I don’t think there’s a leader because Mattia [Binotto] clarified that and that’s a good thing."

"I’m here in Formula 1 to fight the best, and I think Carlos is extremely talented and we’re going to push each other forward. But, as the team said, there are no clear provisions as to who is number 1 and who is number 2. ”