Verstappen: “It was a good day and we went through the whole program"

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Verstappen: “It was a good day and we went through the whole program"

Max Verstappen is happy with the pre-season tests, which he described as ‘definitely the best since he was in Formula 1, but he is also cautious and aware that the right balance of power between the teams will be known only in the first race of the season in two weeks.

Verstappen was the fastest on two of the three days of pre-season testing and was generally very pleased with the behavior of the Red Bull RB16B, which is in contrast to last season when he and Alexander Albon had numerous outbursts caused by car instability.

Red Bull managed to improve the stability of the rear end last season, and it seems that they managed to achieve the same with the new RB16B, although the rules reduced the downforce for all teams due to restrictions on the dimensions of the floor and diffuser.

“It was a good day and we went through the whole program,” Verstappen commented after the last day of testing. "The conditions were different than on the first day, so we had to change the settings of the car, but from our side, everything went as smoothly as the whole test."

"Yeah, I definitely think this was the best test." “But of course, that doesn’t give us any guarantees and all the teams are working on different testing programs. We are always looking at how we can improve and there are certain things we want to work on, but I think that is the case for everyone.

” "In two weeks we'll find out where we really are when Q3 starts, but in general I would say the car is good and I'm looking forward to the start of the race."

Positive tests

Racing operations chief Guillaume Rocquelin added that Red Bull has had positive tests and has a good base for the new season.

“Unlike the first two days today we tried to optimize the car and understand it so we drove shorter sections and worked more on the settings,” he said. "We continued to work on the development, but also on the preparation of our team and drivers in terms of procedures and stops in boxing.

We had a similar plan and similar results for both drivers. ” "In general, it was a positive test. Three days is not enough and I think everyone thinks so, but given the time available, I think this was a very useful test for us. ” "We have a really good base going forward and look forward to returning to Bahrain in two weeks."