Ferrari enters the new season with a much faster car

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Ferrari enters the new season with a much faster car

Ferrari’s new engine seems to be fulfilling his task. Mattia Binotto points out that his team's cars are no longer so far behind the competition in terms of speed on the road. Formula 1 teams are slowly coming to the end of pre-season testing in Bahrain.

One of the particularly interesting topics, which was talked about a lot even before the car came out on the track, is Ferrari's new engine. We know about the problems from last year, but Ferrari, and thus Haas and Alfa Romeo, should be less behind the competition in the new season due to the higher power of this new engine.

The head of Ferrari's team announced that it would be so based on some initial data from the factory, and he spoke about the same topic after two and a half days of pre-season testing. "We've seen the engine run before, but when you put it on a car, you need to pay attention to the speed on the track and compare it to the others."


Speed was the main problem of Ferrari's car last season, and that is why they did not experience the success they expected. Looks like things have changed now. Ferrari is much faster now, and it looks like it will be able to compete with other teams this season "When we were here last year, we were very slow in the race and in the qualifications."

"We didn’t break through in Q3 and were very far from pole position. Now if I look at the data, I think that in terms of speed on the route, things look good. There doesn't seem to be a backlog that we had last year.

" Ferrari not only worked on speed but also took into account many other things such as engine resistance. It seems that this will also be a factor by which they could be better than their opponents "We know that it is not only up to strength, but also the role of car resistance, as we often said last year, but let me say that both segments have contributed to improving our speed on the routes."

"Today, we feel that speed in the direction is no longer our shortcoming, ”said Binotto. Charles Leclerc spoke positively about the car, emphasizing that there are positive developments compared to last year and that Ferrari has made progress with their power unit, confirmed Kimi Raikkonen.