Vettel believes that by moving to Aston Martin he must change old habits

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Vettel believes that by moving to Aston Martin he must change old habits

After six years in a Ferrari car, Sebastian Vettel did his first pre-season test in an Aston Martin car. He points out that it takes time to adjust, and it would have been much easier and faster if he had not had a lot of technical difficulties during the three days.

In the team of Aston Martin, they cannot be satisfied with pre-season testing. They finished three days with 314 laps, and only Mercedes did less, while some teams went well over 400. Sebastian Vettel was particularly affected by the problems, as he needed time in the car to adapt to the new environment.

On Saturday he lost practically the whole morning due to a gearbox problem, and on Sunday afternoon it was a bit better for him, but again one part of the program had to sit in the garage, this time due to the engine. “Still I think it was a very productive day.

I had a lot of laps and got to know the car better. It was very helpful, it helped me a lot and I really liked it." "Unfortunately, we didn't do everything we planned, but the first race will be inconvenient for everyone due to such a limited amount of tests.

" “We will still have a lot of what we need, everyone will need to, learn about their cars and especially about these tires,” Vettel said, admitting that after leaving Ferrari he has to change some habits in his new car.

"I play, I try different things. Some work, some don’t, and some require changing habits. Clearly, I was in the same car for six years, and then the change came. I have a lot of new things to learn, understand how people work, their approach, understand the settings, and so on.


Although there have been no significant changes to the rules this year and the cars are actually an evolution of last year, however, even these minor changes have caused significantly different car behavior, the German claims.

“The cars are quite different. Although the changes seem to be slight, they make a big difference in the cars. I think that the first races will be important in order to get into the right rhythm, to understand the car, learn everything about the settings and which direction to go in order for everything to work.

” "We haven't done much, but that's the way it is. When we take into account the difficulties we had, we have even more than we expected, and we can thank all the guys for their dedicated work, ”said Vettel.

In total, he drove only 117 laps during testing, and for comparison, Kimi Raikkonen drove only during Sunday 165. How much in such a short time Seb adapted or did not adapt to Aston Martin, we will find out in less than two weeks when driving the Bahrain GP.