Despite the poor result, Perez thinks he can be satisfied

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Despite the poor result, Perez thinks he can be satisfied

The situation when the bonnet on his car broke down was awkward for the Mexican, but overall it was a good first test day for him. On the first day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Max Verstappen placed Red Bull at the top of the fastest laps.

On Saturday, the car was taken over by Sergio Perez, it was his first real ride in the current RB16B car, and he did not bother too much with fast laps, but had a slightly different program. He did 117 laps, the most important thing for him was adjusting to the car, and the only awkward situation happened to him during the afternoon when a large part of the bonnet fell off his car.

"I couldn't feel when it happened, but I felt that the car was behaving differently, but the team will deal with it. We didn't lose much time on the track because of that, it was the same for everyone because of the red flag."

Bad conditions

Given the conditions, Perez can be satisfied because it was really hard to drive under conditions that were difficult for all drivers. However, Perez has no doubt that his team will learn something from everything, and together they will try to improve the shortcomings they have and reach the desired goal.

"We lost some time earlier in the morning, but I generally think it was a good day. The conditions on the track are very awkward, different than the day before, so there is a lot of work and development ahead of us ", commented Perez.

In recent years, the Red Bull car has proven to be a (too) big problem for Gasly and Albon, and Perez is expected to do what they could not. For now, he is in the process of adjusting "We are very limited by the time on the track, this was my only full day, and on Sunday I only have the morning part.

It’s not ideal, especially when you’re losing some time, but I think we’ve done good things and we can do even more tomorrow. I'm adjusting to the balance, I'm sure I can see the potential in the car and I'm looking forward to what's next.

" Perez's fastest lap on Saturday was 1: 31.682 and was a second and four-tenths slower than Valtteri Bottas' fastest lap, but he didn't even drive on softer tires.