Verstappen: "When you do a test day like this, you have to be satisfied"

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Verstappen: "When you do a test day like this, you have to be satisfied"

Max Verstappen spent the entire first day of pre-season testing in the RB16B. He did the most number of laps (138) and set the best result of the day - 1: 30,674. It was a good day for Red Bull Racing, without any major problems, unlike Mercedes ’day which could hardly have been worse.

Last year's champions remained at the bottom in terms of the number of laps completed (48) and lost a lot of valuable time on the track due to transmission problems. Conditions on the track in the afternoon were quite bad due to the sandstorm, but towards the end of the program, the drivers were able to catch a slightly better grip, so the fastest laps were set.

Verstappen's, Norris'(1: 30,889) and Ocon's (1: 31,146). Of course, Max downplays the importance of these results, but he expresses satisfaction at the start of testing. "We had a very positive day. We were able to drive a lot of laps, although the conditions on the track were quite difficult.

It was very warm, with a lot of wind, and we know that otherwise the degradation is quite pronounced here, so it is not easy to drive a lot of laps in a row. But I am very happy today. " "We don't need to talk about speed or anything, we just did our program.

The feeling in the ride was good, which in my opinion is always very positive to start testing. Very positive, of course, this is what you always strive for, and when you can do a day like this, you have to be very satisfied ", said the Dutchman.

Rocquelin is satisfied

Red Bull racing engineer Guillaume Rocquelin was also in a good mood. A large number of laps without serious technical problems is very encouraging for the team. "In terms of our tasks, we are really satisfied.

We set ourselves a certain number of laps for the goal and a rather demanding driving plan, and we managed to fulfill both of those tasks. Lap time doesn’t matter at this stage and I don’t think Max will be overly excited about being on top of the first day.

It is much more important that we managed to follow our plan and do the laps. ” "For Sergi, the conditions should be a little better tomorrow. It shouldn’t be so foggy, but the wind will be pretty strong again.

The plan will be about the same for Chec, we are keeping our fingers crossed that another good day is ahead of us. " Verstappen will return to the car on Sunday when he and Perez will share time behind the wheel