Binotto: "We are trying to improve in all areas where this is possible"

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Binotto: "We are trying to improve in all areas where this is possible"

One way or another, all ten cars for the new season of the Formula 1 World Championship have been presented. Although the teams still have a lot to hide, we learned at least a little about their trump cards, as the last in a row, Ferrari revealed the SF21 yesterday.

In terms of visual identity, the novelty is that the SF21 car has two different shades of red, which blend a little in front of the rear wheels, and the Mission Winnow logo, which is now green, is very noticeable. "The rear of the car is reminiscent of burgundy red, like the first Ferrari 125 S.

However, as we gradually move towards the cockpit, the color transforms into modern red coffee we have used in recent years." " This season presents us with many challenges, through this kind of design, visually, we are transforming from our past into the future ", explained the head of the team Mattia Binotto.

The SF21 is the 67th is a car made in Maranello to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship, as the rules are this winter, it is actually an evolution of last year’s SF1000 car. The chassis of that car, which will be remembered as an expression of failure, remained the same, but Ferrari still hopes for a better season.


Hopes are placed on a completely new engine, certain aerodynamic changes, and a redesigned rear of the car, which Ferrari used both development tokens. "This was created basically last year, because of the new rules.

The development has been partially frozen, but we are trying to improve in all areas where this is possible, ”Binotto said. Enrico Cardile, head of the chassis department, spoke in more detail about the change: "Aerodynamics is one of the areas affected by changing rules, aimed at reducing the ability to create vertical pressure, so as not to create too much load on the tires."

"That's why we started the development of car aerodynamics, set two goals: to compensate for more thrust power than was lost due to the rules and to reduce drag. We opted for the rear, designed a new gearbox and a new suspension system.

This, in addition to the efforts of our drive unit colleagues, resulted in a much narrower rear end. ” That is the powertrain that should bring the most progress to Ferrari and other teams using Ferrari powertrains.