Brundle - 'Hamilton is not too happy with new contract'

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Brundle - 'Hamilton is not too happy with new contract'

Former F1 driver and commentator on the Sky Sports F1 channel Martin Brundle believes that Lewis Hamilton is not too happy with the new Mercedes contract, and added that he does not accept the position of the favorite ahead of the new F1 season 2021.

Hamilton won his seventh title last season and surpassed Schumacher’s record in the number of wins, and this season he has a chance to win the eighth title and surpass the numbers of 100 wins and 100 pole positions.

After negotiations over a new contract with Mercedes took longer than anyone expected, the Briton signed a new one-year contract, and Brundle believes the world champion is not too happy with the new terms. “We did a few shootings with him, he was very generous, but actually a bit grumpy, looking at it in general,” Brundle said.

“Interestingly, his right-hand man, Marc Hynes, is no longer working with him. I feel that he may not be super happy with the way the negotiations with Mercedes went. ”

Pole positions

Brundle says he suggested to Hamilton that he will exceed 100 pole positions this year as he only lacks two pole positions to that number and that he won ten last year, but that the Briton does not accept the role of favorite even though Mercedes has won all titles in the last seven seasons champion.

“I told him‘ you’re going to exceed 100 pole positions this year, very likely ’, and he said‘ why? ’,” Brundle said. "McLaren was a quarter of a second behind us in Abu Dhabi, now they have our engine… and what about Red Bull, maybe their high floor pitch will work properly, and Ferrari shouldn't be written off while Aston Martin will be strong."

"He challenged me quite a bit and I told him 'okay, you have 98 [pole positions], mostly in the hybrid era, you won ten last year, there's at least a half-chance that you'll win two more this year.'

" “But when we went through that little hurdle because Lewis likes to tease you a little bit before you sit down with him and do what you need to do, I had an hour talking to him about that great race in Istanbul when he won the seventh championship and he was very generous in his head, within his racing weekend life and how he goes through qualifying.

” In the hybrid era, which began in 2014, Hamilton only once lost the fight for the title of champion - 2016 from his teammate Rosberg, who withdrew from Formula 1 at the end of that sea