Bottas: "I don’t worry about a one-year contract"

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Bottas: "I don’t worry about a one-year contract"

Toto Wolff recently announced that talks with Mercedes drivers about their 2022 contracts would start earlier than usual, certainly earlier than last year with Lewis, but Valtteri says he is in no hurry. Since coming to Mercedes in 2017, Valtteri Bottas has regularly signed one-year contracts.

The announcements of the new contract sometimes came earlier, sometimes later, but the team didn't want to ensure longer-term cooperation and always left their tickets open. The Finn is now entering his fifth season with the team and the situation is no different.

He has a contract again until the end of the year, but the situation is the same with his teammate, Lewis Hamilton. Toto Wolff said that talks with his drivers are a priority and that there will be no flirting with the drivers of other teams before that, and that talks about the future should start earlier.

According to Bottas, not so fast though. "I am in no hurry to do that. If the team has the opportunity for big changes for 2022 and wants to have the option to choose both drivers, I think that's a good thing for the team.

" "It simply came to our notice then. I just want to start the season at full speed and try to achieve my goals. In time, that will also be the subject of discussion, but not yet, ” Bottas says.

Bottas wants to win

Numerous drivers are brought into the context of Mercedes, George Russell is most often mentioned as a promising solution for the future, especially after his appearance in the W11 car in Bahrain last year.

There are often rumors about Max Verstappen's engagement, but this is not so realistic at the moment. Bottas would like to secure his place for next season by winning the title, finally with one championship win against Lewis Hamilton, which he has so far failed to do.

“Of course it’s kind of disappointing because I’ve been a teammate with Lewis for a few years, and the goal has been the same every year." "But what would be even more disappointing is to look back and realize that I could have done better or should have put in more effort.

” "I do not want to leave any questionnaires after this year, that is the ultimate goal. If I give everything I have, get the most out of myself and the people around me, then I will have no reason to regret it, ”Bottas said.