Capito: "We need to create a team, work as a team and define goals."

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Capito: "We need to create a team, work as a team and define goals."

Jost Capito is the new CEO of the Williams team, and his plan is to start the long-term process of returning the famous British team to the upper house of Formula 1 and then to the top of the standings. Williams finished the last three seasons of the Formula 1 World Championship at the very back of the constructors' order.

The Grove team definitely needed some new energy, and it remains to be seen if that energy can be triggered in the coming seasons by the new owner of the Dorilton Capital team. One of the moves by the new owners, who took over the team from the Williams family last year, was to bring Josta Capito to the position of CEO.

This is a former McLaren employee, a team that could be a good example for Williams on which way to go since in the past few years they have gone exactly that way from the bottom of the standings to winning third place last season.

On the future of Williams, Capito says: “We are developing a strategy with long-term, medium-term and short-term goals, rather than saying that in 2022 we want to win or we need to win." "We will have realistic but time-bound goals and follow them.

If we succeed in this step by step, if we improve in technology, implement a new technology that we will define in advance, then we believe that we can succeed and return to the top of the order with a strategic approach.

Team spirit

Capito has a lot of experience, he has been involved in motoring in one way or another for 40 years, but he does not intend to be an autocrat in the team, but emphasizes the importance of team spirit.

"I want everyone to be involved. I am not coming to say that this is our long-term plan. I never do that. We need to create a team, work as a team and define goals." "After that, we can create togetherness and have great communication.

We have real people, really fantastic talents in the team. It's a great combination of experienced people who have been at Williams for 30 years and young talent who have come from a university or other teams. ” “We have the perfect combination to move forward, we just have to start it.

Sure we can. I’m sure as a team we can do that and bring back passion. I am quite convinced of that, considering what we have and the support that Dorilton gives us, otherwise I would not be here ", said Capito. Williams presented the car for 2021 on Friday - FW43B.

Since this is the evolution of last year's car, no miracles are expected from it, but after hitting the bottom, Williams can only move upwards.