George Rusell has revealed what goals he wants to achieve next season

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George Rusell has revealed what goals he wants to achieve next season

The Williams team presented their car for 2021 yesterday. George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will have the FW43B in their hands, and the Briton imposed the goal of beating Alpha and Haas in the season announcement. Last year, the team from Grove did not win a single point in the Formula 1 World Championship.

Such a negative series, which has lasted since 2014, continued, during which Williams wins fewer and fewer points every year. Now they have hit the bottom and the saying "worst can't be" is really valid. Despite this, last year Williams hinted at somewhat better days.

Mostly in the races, they were not miles behind everyone, but they could fight Alfa and Haas relatively regularly, and more importantly, on most tracks, they significantly improved their times compared to 2019. Fighting the same rivals, but also winning that fight, George Russell sets the goal for the new season, although he is aware that rivals could get a significant boost with the new Ferrari engine.

"We want to be in the same position as last year, that is the minimum for us. We respect and recognize the fact that the Ferrari drive will be a big step forward and it is not good news for us, so we had to do almost double the work during the winter, ”says the Briton.

Minumum goals

"The minimum goal is to fight and be ahead of Alfa Romeo and Haas, which in my opinion is a realistic goal, and we keep our fingers crossed and hope to fight a little closer to the middle of the standings."

Russell had one very good chance to win some points last season. It was in Imola when that mistake and crash happened to him during the safety car period. He won his first career points for Mercedes, driving in place of Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain, and was even close to victory before there was a mess in boxing champions.

About his personal tasks in the new season, George says: “After each race, I know if it was a successful weekend or not. It doesn’t depend on whether I finished 14th in Q2 or just 17th or 18th. It’s important to believe that I pulled absolutely everything out of the car or not, so I think a successful year would be if I could say I’m at 75 or more percent of the races got the absolute maximum.

” "It is clear that this cannot be achieved every weekend. I'm just realistic. I want to finish every weekend knowing that I didn't make any stupid mistakes, continue to progress as a driver, and help the team develop. ”