Lance Stroll has revealed goals he wants to achieve this season

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Lance Stroll has revealed goals he wants to achieve this season

After taking part in winning fourth place in the constructors ’standings with Racing Point last year, Canadian Lance Stroll wants to go a step further this year. Racing Point has transformed into Aston Martin, and Stroll believes third place could be the reality of his team.

The Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team unveiled its 2021 car called the AMR21 on Wednesday. This car is an evolution of last year's Racing Point car, with which Stroll and his then-colleague Sergio Perez achieved some very good results.

The Canadian won the pole position in Turkey and placed twice on the podium, while the Mexican was the winner of the race in Bahrain.

Stroll aims for third place

Perez, meanwhile, has left the team, replaced by Sebastian Vettel, and Stroll believes the team should aim for third place in the constructors, which they narrowly missed last year after a big fight with McLaren.

“For our team, I think the third place in the constructors’ championship is a big goal. We failed to win it last year, even though we were close. I truly believe we can make it happen this year, if not more than that.

That's a big goal for the team, "said the Canadian Aston Martin driver. “For my part, pushing for a place among the top five in the championship would be a great achievement. I want to progress as a driver."

"Last year I had a couple of podiums and a first pole, which was extraordinary. There were opportunities to win races that I missed, like in Bahrain, Turkey, and Monza. It really shows the potential we have entered this season and we are extremely excited.

” Lance is entering his third season with the same team and believes that this stability will help him further, while the team's leadership expects that the arrival of former world champion Sebastian Vettel will have a very positive effect on him.

The first opportunity to drive the AMR21 Stroll car will be on Thursday when Aston Martin has a day of filming on the Silverstone track. Most believe that Stroll could finally show his full potential this season and achieve the result he believes in.

He will have good chances, and behind him is a good team eager for great success. Now he will decide his own destiny and it is necessary for him to give his maximum.