Valteri Bottas wants to be much more selfish this season

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Valteri Bottas wants to be much more selfish this season

Valtteri Bottas says that he expects more from himself this season than ever, just like from all the people he works with at Mercedes, and he believes that a little more selfishness will allow him to be more successful on the track.

Bottas is entering his fifth season with Mercedes, and his teammate Lewis Hamilton has won the championship in all four seasons together while Bottas has managed to finish second only twice in the drivers ’standings.

Both Mercedes drivers have contracts that last only one season, and Bottas is aware that this may be his last chance to beat Hamilton and win the title as the great George Russell is eagerly awaiting his chance. “In some years in Formula 1, I definitely put too much pressure on myself,” Bottas said in his first media address this year.

"There were times when I absorbed too much pressure from outside, but at the same time I didn't put enough pressure on myself." "It's all about finding the right balance and playing with it."

"I have to be honest with myself about everything, try to find a good way, and be happy every race." "Lewis has won titles in all the years we were teammates, but on New Year's Eve we start again, from a blank sheet of paper."

"That is of course the ultimate goal of this season and that is my goal. But there is still a long way to go, so you really have to go step by step. ”

His goals

Although he opened last season with a pole position and a victory in Austria where Hamilton finished only fourth, he had to wait for the second victory until the tenth race of the season in Russia where Hamilton received a double penalty for test starts in the wrong place.

The Finn is aware that he will have to be much better if he wants to threaten Hamilton and announces that he will demand more from himself and others than ever. "This year I will ask more of myself than ever," he said.

"I don't want to exaggerate, but the ultimate goal for me this season is when I come to the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi that I can say I gave 100%, that I did every little thing to win the title."

“That is the ultimate goal for this year and it will apply to all the people around me, whoever I work with. I will ask as much as I think is necessary to get the support and all the information I need. ” "Maybe that way I can be a little more selfish."