Szafnauer's main goal is the title of champion with Aston Martin

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Szafnauer's main goal is the title of champion with Aston Martin

Aston Martin F1 team boss Otmar Szafnauer says their ultimate goal is to fight for the world title, but they are aware that it will take them at least three to five years to achieve that goal. The Aston Martin name returns to Formula 1 after 1960 with the renaming of the Racing Point team, and today they unveiled their car for the new season of the 2021 F1 Championship which they named AMR21.

Team owner Lawrence Stroll pointed out from the beginning that they do not only want to compete in Formula 1, but their goal is to fight for victories and championship titles, which was confirmed today by Szafnauer. They showed the seriousness of their intentions by investing in infrastructure and hiring new experts, and they also brought four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel alongside Lance Stroll, for whom this will be the third season in the team.

At Aston Martin, they have started to work seriously and it seems that the whole team is maximally focused on bringing Aston Martin to the title of champion. They are aware that it will not be easy at all, but it seems that there are a huge cohesion and faith in the project they have

Szafnauer believes in his team

“It’s a lot easier to say we’re going to fight for the title and win it than it really is to do it,” Szafnauer said.

"Two things that have to happen, the first is to have a good plan so we can start with it today and become candidates for the title, and the second is to execute that plan." "We're in the middle of planning right now, and it will definitely take some time to complete."

"People from other F1 teams say it takes three to five years, so we are no exception. Since last year, we have been planning a new factory with new infrastructure so that we have everything under one roof and grow as a team.

” “Implementation of this has just started at Silverstone and by the end of 2022 we should be able to move to a new factory. And within that factory, we will need the new tools to help us design a car that is worth fighting for the title.

” "That is a few years from now. If I have to look to the future, it will happen in three to five years. ”