Fernando Alonso feels great after the accident in Switzerland

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Fernando Alonso feels great after the accident in Switzerland

Fernando Alonso is very confident ahead of his return to Formula 1 this year with Alpine. Despite a jaw fracture in a car accident last month, the two-time world champion believes he is in the best shape so far. The Spaniard’s return to Formula 1 after a two-year absence is one of the most anticipated stories of the upcoming season.

Alonso has returned to the team with which he won his two championship titles, and the company in the garage of the team from Enstone will be made by Esteban Ocon. The Spaniard trained hard during the winter to get back in the best possible shape, but preparations were interrupted by a car accident in which he was involved on his bike.

It happened in Switzerland and Alonso ended up on the operating table due to a broken jaw. He could not even attend the first presentation of the team's car under the new name, but he spoke of his physical and mental strength on the eve of his return.

"I feel great and I am in better physical and mental shape than I have ever been. I have been preparing for this comeback for some time now, I have new motivation and I am ready." " I think every driver usually needs three or four races to optimize a new car, maybe more if he has changed teams or just come to Formula 1, ”said Alonso.

“To be at 100% speed, I will need a few adjustment races, but everyone is the same. The accident on the bike disrupted my plans a bit, but luckily my preparation and condition will not be disrupted. I feel ready, "he added.

His life outside Formula 1

Alonso has spent two years outside of Formula 1 in other automotive series, including the Dakar Rally, the World Endurance Racing Championship, and the Indy 500 race, so he believes the experience will be crucial.

“I became a more complete driver. By pushing the limits of your capabilities, you are constantly learning, as well as when you are outside your comfort zone." "Today I am a more competitive driver than I was two years ago, without a doubt.

As a driver, I want to improve even more. I have learned a lot in the last two years and I want to turn that knowledge into Formula 1." "This includes a different philosophy and driving technique and an approach to work ethic.

The results are difficult to predict. The middle of the standings was very equal last season, so anything is possible ", concluded Alonso.