Sainz: "Driving for this team is much more than just a dream."

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Sainz: "Driving for this team is much more than just a dream."

Ferrari unveiled their F1 team and drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz ahead of the start of the new 2021 F1 season in which they are determined to fix the impression after a disappointing last season they finished in sixth, and the new SF21 will unveil on March 10th.

After six years, Ferrari broke off cooperation with Sebastian Vettel and brought Sainz (26) from McLaren, who with Leclerc (23) will form the youngest Ferrari driver's lineup in Formula 1 after 1968, when they were driven by Chris Amon (25) and Jacky Ickx.

23). Sainz and Leclerc have already completed the first kilometers of this season in Ferrari's 2018 F1 car SF71H on Fioran at the end of January, which were also Sainz's first laps for Ferrari, and they will have the opportunity to test the new SF21 in pre-season testing in Bahrain (12th - 14.3.) And a day to record promotional materials to be used by Ferrari prior to testing.

Ferrari has prepared a brand new powertrain for 2021 that should be significantly more powerful than last season when they had the weakest powertrain in Formula 1, and spent their two development tokens on the rear end to improve airflow through the diffuser.

Sainz wants to achieve the best possible results

Sainz is after the first test for Ferrari 27.1. on the Fioran he was thrilled to experience driving their F1 car for the first time and says he will do his best to achieve the best possible results.

“When I was ten, I went to Barcelona and was lucky enough to meet one of my greatest heroes, Michael Schumacher, and visit a Ferrari garage. The atmosphere there was just special, there is nothing like it, ”Sainz said.

“So I guess the easiest way to describe what it means to me to join the Scuderia Ferrari is to fulfill my childhood dreams! However, as I see it, wearing a red racing suit and driving for this team is much more than just a dream."

" As a race driver, it is a great honor and a great responsibility that I am really looking forward to experiencing and accepting. ” “From the first day I started racing, I had only two goals in mind: to become a Formula 1 driver and win the World Championship.

After achieving the first, all my focus and effort is invested in trying to achieve the second goal and there is no better place than Ferrari for that. ” "The ambition is to help create a winning team, get Scuderia back to the top where it belongs and win the World Cup."