Chloe Targett-Adams: "Africa is currently a priority for Formula 1"

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Chloe Targett-Adams: "Africa is currently a priority for Formula 1"

Global director of promotion of F1 races Chloe Targett-Adams believes that the African market is the current priority for Formula 1, but that they still want to continue the expansion in the American and Asian markets. Africa first hosted the F1 race in 1958 when Stirling Moss celebrated on the Ain Diab track, and South Africa hosted 23 times from 1962 to 1993 on the Kyalami tracks (20 times) and East London (3 times).

Lewis Hamilton said Formula 1 must be in Africa as they are already present in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, and Targett-Adams agreed. “I totally agree with Lewis,” Targett-Adams said. Targett Adams agrees with Hamilton and thinks it’s a great idea to hold races in Africa that we haven’t had a chance to watch.

F1 race in Africa

Now is a great opportunity to promote F1 in African countries, where could be an increase in the popularity of Formula 1 "Africa is a continent where we do not race and that is wrong. This is a location we really want, it is our priority.

We have been discussing possible options for several years. ” "I hope we can reach an agreement so that we can race on that continent soon." "Apart from Africa, the United States remains a clear strategic priority.

We have a great race in Austin, but we also want another race in the USA. ” "It's the same with Asia, we don't hide that this market is also crucial for us." Vietnam was supposed to host the F1 race last season, but due to the coronavirus emergency and the arrest of Nguyen Duc Chung on corruption charges, the race will not take place in 2021 but will be replaced by Portugal.

Targett-Adams believes that in addition to Africa, it would be interesting to watch races in Vietnam, which has an interesting population, and it is likely that races in Vietnam would look great. Yet he is aware that for all reasons this could not have happened “Vietnam is an incredibly exciting place for an F1 race, an extremely young population, a vibrant business sector and we are very excited about racing in that country,” he said.

“We were supposed to hold the first race in 2020 on a great track on the outskirts of Hanoi. But it is completely understandable that no one wants to hold the first race in the middle of a pandemic. ”