Raikkonen: "Racing and driving still excite me."

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Raikkonen: "Racing and driving still excite me."

In a week, Kimi Raikkonen is celebrating exactly twenty years since her Formula One debut, which took place on March 4, 2001, at the Australian Grand Prix. He drove for Sauber then, as he does today, only under the name Alfa Romeo.

Raikkonen's team presented a car for the new season on Monday - C41. It will be Kimi’s third consecutive season with Alfa, and the 18th overall in his rich career. The question of his motivation is often asked, whence his will to compete at the age of 42, and here is how Raikkonen comments on it: "Time flies.

Clearly, I started a long time ago, but I also had a couple of years outside of Formula 1 in the middle, so I don’t feel like I’ve been there for 20 years." "Racing and driving still excite me. I've never been a big fan of everything else, but I enjoy racing and challenging, trying to make things better and be better.

” At the opening of the season, Kimi will start his 330th Grand Prix start in his career, and Alfa will start the season with the goal of reducing the gap behind the teams from the middle of the standings. Last year, eighth place in the construction rankings was won.

Raikkonen spoke about the new season

Raikkonen is still unaware of what to expect and doesn't even know how much he can do next season, but it's obvious he's motivated and F1 is still his big love. He will soon find out what the new car looks like and how he will manage it.

Despite his age, Raikkonen is still a great driver and seems to have as much motivation as he used to. "We are excited about the new season, but everything is very unknown because we have not tried the car yet, and there have been some minor changes to the rules."

"Where we will be, we don't know now, but in a few weeks, we will see how things are going and how it feels in the car. In a month, after the first race, a lot will be clearer for everyone. ” “There won’t be many test days before the first race, so we have to do a good three days, drive as many laps as possible, learn about our car so we’ll see where that takes us,” Raikkonen said.