Aston Martin and BWT will continue their cooperation in 2021

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Aston Martin and BWT will continue their cooperation in 2021

The Austrian company BWT remains the sponsor of Aston Martin's F1 team this year as well, although it was expected that this would not happen due to the change of the main color of the car from pink to dark green and the new main sponsor Cognizant.

After buying a 20% stake in Aston Martin, team owner Lawrence Stroll was given the opportunity to rename the Racing Point team on behalf of the famous British brand, which will return to F1 this year for the first time since 1960.

It also means the return of the traditional dark green racing color that will dominate this year's Aston Martin F1 cars, which is not in line with the current main sponsor of the BWT team with which they have been collaborating since 2017.

On the eve of the 2017 F1 season, BWT became the main sponsor of Force India, one of the previous iterations of today’s Aston Martin, as the team agreed to paint the car pink after being rejected by Mercedes due to that request.

Cognizant BWT will remain as one of the sponsors

The collaboration with BWT has continued under the name Racing Point, and although the team named Aston Martin has found a new main sponsor Cognizant BWT will remain as one of the sponsors.

“Although the color and feel of the new team we will present on Wednesday 3.3 will be very different, with a whole new base color, today’s news confirms that the BWT brand’s subtle labels will remain part of the brand new visual identity of the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, ”the team said in a statement.

BWT CEO Andreas Weissenbacher added that he was proud that BWT would continue to support this team. Weissenbacher believes that this is a good decision because he believes that together they can achieve a lot. Weissenbacher wants to help the team achieve the best possible results and to achieve the desired goals together.

“I am proud that we will continue to support this wonderful group of people and start a new chapter with Aston Martin’s return to F1,” he said. "After seeing that the team had a great F1 season in 2020, we believe that the years ahead are full of great promises and we want to continue to support the team on its way to the top of the standings." We will see if this collaboration will help Aston Martin achieve better results