Alexander Albon wants to return to Formula 1 as soon as possible

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Alexander Albon wants to return to Formula 1 as soon as possible

Alexander Albon admits he is disappointed to have lost his place in Formula 1 but is determined to return as soon as possible and believes he wants it more than any other driver. Albon replaced Gasly at Red Bull at the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix and drove a very good second part of the season, but in 2020 he did not make the expected step forward and was the vast majority of races away from teammate Verstappen.

Although in the last race of the season he did exactly what was expected of him all season and helped Verstappen in the fight against Mercedes, Red Bull bosses were not happy with the whole season so for 2021 they decided to hire Sergio Perez.

Albon will be a test and backup Red Bull driver this season, and will also drive a DTM under the new GT3 rules for the AF Corsa team, which is the main sponsor of Red Bull and which uses Ferrari's 488 GT3 Evo. “Of course it was disappointing because it’s our dream,” Albon commented on the loss of a place in Formula One.

"It was one of those situations where there is no point in feeling sorry for yourself. You have to go back and do everything you can to come back. ”

Verstappen set his goals

"My goal is to get back the driver's seat for next year and be ready this year too because you never know what will happen to physical fitness or to COVID."

"This winter I made sure to be as ready as possible, I'm working in a simulator and I hope to do some tests." Albon says he has already gone through a similar situation after becoming a member of the Red Bull junior team in 2012, but as early as 2013 he is moving into Lotus ’F1 junior program where he remained in both 2014 and 2015.

“I’ve already been rejected, this isn’t the first time, but I’ve learned that it’s all in how much you want it,” he said. "I want it, I would say, more than anyone, and with that comes a lot of determination.

I will not stop at any point and I must continue to work. " "I've been through this before. I've managed to get where I am now because I've worked hard and I want that driver's seat back."