The Red Bull team is unsure if they can solve the problem

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The Red Bull team is unsure if they can solve the problem

Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner believes they learned a lot last year from the problems they had at the start of the season and which forced them to catch up with Mercedes all season, but he’s not sure the problems won’t happen again.

In 2020, due to problems with the correlation of data from simulations and the wind tunnel with the data from the runway, Red Bull took a wrong development path, which is why the RB16 was quite unpredictable and did not have the desired aerodynamic characteristics.

Verstappen coped better with such a car than Albon, and Red Bull brought improvements throughout the season to alleviate the problem and prepare for the new 2021 season for which the rules remained fairly stable. Horner believes Red Bull with the new RB16B, which will be unveiled on Tuesday, can avoid a bad start to the season, but he’s not sure the data correlation issues won’t recur.

“When the season finally started we saw that something was wrong given what our simulations were telling us, both the air tunnel and other tools,” Horner told Motorsport-Total. "That's why we learned a lot from last season.

Of course, the challenge is to apply it to 2021. ”


Asked if the data correlation issue was resolved, Horner was cautious. "I do not know. We'll see when the car hits the track. Last year, we really improved our understanding of the issue.

" “I think part of the problem is caused by the complexity of our air tunnel which has limitations in some aspects. So we will only know in Bahrain what progress we have made. " "Usually when we bring something new it stays on the car."

"Of course, you no longer have the advantage of being able to test whatever you want, so you have to bring components to a racing weekend or test them in the virtual world." "I think we were misled at the beginning of last year.

And we managed to recover from that during the season. ” They seem to have made a mistake last year that they are now trying to fix, and we’ll see if they succeed. Red Bull has a strong team of people who can do a lot.

The only question is how much they are willing to take risks and whether that risk will pay off. We will get an answer to that question as well..