Toyoharu Tanabe has revealed major changes to Honda’s new powertrain

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Toyoharu Tanabe has revealed major changes to Honda’s new powertrain

Honda F1 program manager Toyoharu Tanabe has revealed major changes to Honda’s new 2021 powertrain that will be featured in Red Bull and AlphaTauri cars in Honda’s latest F1 season. Honda is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of 2021, but for Red Bull and AlphaTauri, they will also prepare the latest specification for early 2022 so that teams can continue to use them in an era of frozen engine development that will last from 2022 to the end of 2024.

Tanabe revealed that Honda wanted to use all the knowledge they had gained since returning to Formula 1 in 2015 and provide Red Bull and AlphaTauri with the best possible engine. “To improve power and reliability, we made modifications to the internal combustion engine, turbine, and ERS,” Tanabe said.

"This is our fourth season with AlphaTauri [and third with Red Bull] so we've repaired both the installation and packaging of the entire powertrain to improve the car as a whole." "Before the pandemic, we planned to introduce a new power unit for this season, but due to all the difficulties and limitations due to the long break and lockdown in Europe and the delays of the parts supplier, we decided to postpone it until 2022."

The power unit will be presented in 2022

Honda thought that the new power unit would be presented in 2022, but they changed their plans and it seems that the presentation will take place next year. They did their best to speed up the process, although it is not and will not be easy at all "But given the decision announced in October that Honda would leave the sport at the end of 2021, we changed the plan and decided to introduce it for 2021."

"It was very challenging in time to make that decision, but we managed to speed up the development and the preparatory program. We at Honda really wanted to use all our technical knowledge before leaving the sport. ” “The numbers on the dynamometer are in line with expectations.

We will see how competitive we will be on the track. ” Tanabe added that Honda is glad that Red Bull and AlphaTauri will be able to use their engines after 2021. “It also reflects the importance of our role and history because we’ve been part of Formula 1 for decades,” he said. "That's why I'm glad Honda was able to help the two teams and the sport in this way."