Ricciardo: "You can always learn something new from a teammate"

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Ricciardo: "You can always learn something new from a teammate"

McLaren became the first team which presented their 2021 car on Monday. The race car called MCL35M will be driven by Lando Norris, for whom this will be the third season in the team from Woking, and Daniel Ricciardo, a newcomer from the team of Renault.

It is expected that Norris and Ricciardo could form one of the more attractive and fun driving sets on the grid. Both are very interesting to the fans, and yet on the track very fast and high quality. About what their collaboration should look like, the Australian commented.

“We both love what we do, we enjoy our work and we are not afraid to show it. We have the same approach, although we differ generationally. I think I'm ten years older than Land and that makes a pretty good combination.

" "Off the track, you will certainly always be able to see how well we are doing, but I believe that the fight on the track will be good, fierce, and more importantly, that it will lead the team forward."

"It's something we have to point out between us, give the best within the team, and then on the gas when the lights go out, ”said Ricciardo.


The experience is on the side of the Australian driver.

He has achieved seven victories and 31 podium finishes so far in his career, while Norris was on the podium for the first time last year in Austria, which is his only result in the Top 3 so far. Although he has far more seasons and kilometers "on his feet", Daniel says that he is ready to follow Land's way of working and eventually learn something from him.

“I’m definitely more experienced in Formula 1, this will be my 11th season, but Lando has more experience at McLaren. Surely there are things I could learn from him, especially about the team and integration into the McLaren family."

"Every time you have a new teammate, it’s the right opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s about work ethic, driving technique, or both. I am always open-minded. ” “I know that every driver believes in himself and his abilities.

I am also full of self-confidence, but also ready to accept from Lando what I could use to be better. Of course, I want to learn as much as I can, ”said the Australian. Ricciardo and Norris will have their first ride in the new car on Tuesday when McLaren will do their first day of filming at Silverstone this season, which means driving up to a maximum of 100 kilometers, or 17 laps at Silverstone.