Lando Norris wants to take leadership role in McLaren

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Lando Norris wants to take leadership role in McLaren

Lando Norris is entering his third season in Formula 1 and third in McLaren. Still very young, he is only 21 years old but ready to take on some more responsibilities and a leadership role. In 2019, McLaren created a completely new driver lineup.

Carlos Sainz Jr. and Lando Norris have fully lived up to expectations in the past two seasons, but the Spaniard is now a member of Ferrari, McLaren’s new driver is Daniel Ricciardo, and Norris points out that next season should be approached somewhat differently.

"I think in some part I have to take on the role of leader. I don’t lead the whole team, but there are a lot of things I should lead, take on a little more responsibility within the team, and that’s something that comes with experience.

I couldn't do it just like that last year, it takes experience and knowledge of the team, knowledge of the car. " “Now we have Daniel on the team, a driver who has less experience working with McLaren and the people within the team, and that’s where I have to make some progress."

"I have a little more confidence now. I can start the season, first for winter testing, and then for the first race, knowing what I really want and what I want the engineers to do with the car, ”says Lando.


His preparations were slightly disrupted by infection with the COVID-19 virus during the winter months, but the young Briton points out that the virus did not leave any consequences.

“Luckily for me, COVID wasn’t that awesome. At first, for a few days, I had no sense of taste and smell, and for a couple of weeks, I felt very exhausted and tired." "Since then I have actually fully recovered and everything has returned to normal.

I wouldn’t say it bothered me much, other than training. I wasn’t allowed to go outside, I didn’t even have a window. I did some basic exercises in the room, without running or cycling. I did what I could, ”explains Norris.

The Briton will take the first ride today in the new McLaren car, which was presented on Monday night. The team from Woking has their first day of filming this year, so Lando and Daniel will be allowed to drive up to 100 kilometers on the Silverstone track. He certainly has a motive this season to achieve as much success as possible