Red Bull Powertrains: A new company formed by Red Bull

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Red Bull Powertrains: A new company formed by Red Bull

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has revealed that Red Bull will set up a new company to prepare and test Honda engines that they will continue to use next year thanks to a decision to freeze engine development that takes effect in 2022.

The FIA, Formula 1, and F1 teams have unanimously decided to freeze engine development from early 2022 until the end of the life cycle of the current engine generation (until the end of 2024) after which a new generation of engines will be used whose details are not yet known.

Honda is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of this season, and after preparing a new engine specification for 2022. Red Bull will buy the intellectual rights to use them and continue to use them under the name Red Bull Powertrains.

The new company will occupy one of the Red Bull F1 plant buildings in Milton Keynes, but will not use Honda’s current capacity in the same city. "Now everything has started to happen, now it's starting," Marko commented on the engine situation for Motorsport-Magazine.

"Today we have the conditions to establish a new company in Milton Keynes that will be called Red Bull Powertrains." "One of our current buildings, building number eight, will be converted into an engine plant."

"Honda's drive is more geared towards electric motors, they don't have enough test benches to make the necessary engine optimizations."

Marko believes that engine development is a good thing

Marko added that the freeze on engine development is not only good for Red Bull but also for everyone else due to cost reductions ahead of the arrival of the new generation of 2025 powertrains.

“This is not just good news for us but for the whole of F1,” he said. "This significantly reduces costs." The Austrian added that Red Bull with the decision to continue using Honda engines will not spend much more compared to the situation that they bought the engines from someone else.

"We're crazy, but we've done the math and the calculations," Marko said. “This is a one-time investment in the building and test tables. But the cost of use won’t be much higher than if we bought the engine somewhere else.

It will be more expensive, but not significantly more expensive. ” We’ll see if the new company will help Red Bull achieve better results, but it’s sure to be a step forward in their team