After the accident he had, Alonso had a successful surgery

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After the accident he had, Alonso had a successful surgery

Fernando Alonso should be ready for his return F1 season in 2021 after having to undergo an upper jaw surgery due to the consequences sufffered from a bicycle accident, which he successfully performed. Alonso suffered a cycling accident near Lugano, Switzerland, yesterday and ended up in the hospital, and his F1 team Alpine confirmed last night that the Spaniard is fine even though they did not want to reveal more details.

Alpine confirmed this morning that Alonso had a successful surgery and will remain in the hospital for the next two days, but also continue preparations for the new F1 season 2021 after a two-year break from the sport. "After the bicycle accident, Fernando Alonso was kept under observation at a hospital in Switzerland," Alpine said in a statement.

“Doctors discovered a fracture in his upper jaw and performed a successful corrective surgery. The medical staff is pleased with his progress. ” "Fernando will remain under observation at the hospital for another 48 hours."

"After a few days of complete rest, he will be able to return to training. We expect it to be fully functional to begin preparations for the new season. ”

Accident explanation

Local police confirmed that Alonso was hit by a car that was turning into a supermarket parking lot while the Spaniard was overtaking a convoy of vehicles in his lane.

"Police announced yesterday that shortly after 2 pm in Viganello, a 42-year-old Swiss driver from Lugano was driving Via La Santa on the road in the direction of Pregasson," the statement said. "As the driver was turning left to enter the supermarket parking lot, she collided with a 39-year-old Spaniard who was riding a bicycle and overtaking a column of stationary vehicles on the right."

Alonso is returning to Formula 1 this year after a two-year hiatus in other car races, and late last year he tested Renault’s 2020 F1 car RS20 on a test of young drivers in Abu Dhabi and his 2005 winning Renault R25 on demonstrations on the same track.

Alonso will have the first opportunity to test the new car, which will be called Alpine this year, at the pre-season tests in Bahrain, which last from March 12 to 14, and the first race of the new season is scheduled for March 26 to 28 at the same tracks. If all goes well, Alonso should return to the tracks and show that he still knows how to drive.