Alex Albon under pressure?

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Alex Albon under pressure?

Alex Albon has received a lot of criticism lately for the results he has achieved. The results have not been so good lately and Albon will have to deal with criticism Albon's boss Christian Horner gave his comment: "I think there has been criticism of Alex, which in some ways has been unwarranted and unfair," he said, as quoted by formula1 "If you look back to the first race in Austria, through strategy he was in a position to arguably win that race and was taken out by Lewis Hamilton and he finished fourth in the next race and fifth in the next race."

"We know the car we have provided our drivers with this year isn’t optimized and it has had some difficult characteristics and for a driver that doesn’t have the experience, he’s only just had over a year’s worth of Formula 1 experience, that’s a tough call."

"But the way he has handled the situation, the way he has handled the pressure has been impressive. And I think he just needs time and we’re doing our best to support him as much as we can and things like the experience of the race engineer he’s now working with will only compound that."

Simon Rennie comeback

Recently, Simon Rennie also returned to help them and improve the car's specifications. They hope that his experience will help the team and that the results will improve.
"Simon has obviously been with the team for a long time and he was race engineer to both Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo through his entirety at Red Bull Racing," he said.

"Simon left the pit wall, through his own choice, at the end of 2018 to take on a factory-based role and that’s what he’s been working at for the last couple of years."

"But with the issues that we currently have with the car and an inexperienced driver like Alex we felt that it was unfair on the race engineer who was working Alex, who was relatively inexperienced, to have that pressure."

"So we’ve brought Simon back into the front line for the rest of the season, and hopefully that experience, that knowledge while we aggressively develop this car will only help Alex, because you have to understand that every time he gets in the car it’s that little bit different and I think an experienced hand like Simon is definitely a positive for him."