Szaufnauer believes his team can get into the top 3

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Szaufnauer believes his team can get into the top 3

Otmar Szafnauer spoke about the goals of his team in 2021. The desire for Aston Martin is to fulfill a goal that remained unattainable for Racing Point last year - to win third place in the constructors' standings. The famous British luxury car manufacturer is returning to the Formula 1 grid after 61 years, and the goals were immediately set very high.

Racing Point missed third place among the constructors last season, and after the transformation of the team into Aston Martin, the goal is to achieve that result this season with as many as 23 planned races. Although the goal is high and he believes in the possibility of a Vettel - Stroll driver lineup, team boss Otmar Szafnauer is aware that other contenders for entry into the Top 3 will also be asked.

Szaufnauer believes it will not be easy

Many teams have seriously boosted teams this season, and one of them is McLaren who has big ambitions this season with a new drive "It will be a goal for us, but I don't think it will be easy because we have some serious rivals."

"Ferrari will certainly work hard over the winter to be better than last year. McLaren has a new, Mercedes drive, just like us, and I'm sure they made that change with the goal of increasing competitiveness. ” “There have been driver changes, too.

We have to see how it will all work out, but there is certainly a difference compared to last season, ”says Szafnauer. Like last year, the fight for third place could be very interesting, and in addition to Ferrari and McLaren, Alpine and Fernando Alonso will certainly need to ask something.

Mercedes and Red Bull are expected to stay ahead of everyone, as the rules prohibit some revolutionary changes to the cars. Nevertheless, Szafnauer believes that the change will be enough for some progress to be made. “For the new season, they have significantly reduced the floor area to lose on the downforce, and the way the teams will try to regain that lost thrust will have a big impact on the result,” says the Aston Martin team boss.

How Szafnauer and his engineers will make the car this year will surely be closely monitored, given last year’s penalty for copying parts of a Mercedes car. In general, they will be much more careful and will try to be competitive with others, and we will find out soon whether this will bring results.