Wolff: "Hamilton had no special requirements to sign the contract"

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Wolff: "Hamilton had no special requirements to sign the contract"

Mercedes' Toto Wolff has explained the details of the new contract for Lewis Hamilton after various rumors in recent weeks in the absence of real information about the new contract. According to some media reports, Hamilton asked Mercedes for several things about which they could not agree, including the division of money from TV rights with Mercedes, team share, and the veto right of teammates, especially Max Verstappen.

After Mercedes and Hamilton announced the signing of the new contract yesterday, Wolff resolutely rejected such rumors, although he admits that he also read them. “As for the theses from the media, I don’t know where they came from because none of that is true,” Wolff said.

“I even read about it and it was interesting to me, but the truth is there wasn’t a second of discussion about any driver clauses. He never asked for it in eight years. And that's the team's decision. " “The second clause is about profit sharing.

It came out of nowhere. And that rumor is baseless because we never even discussed it. " "We agreed together that it would be a one-year contract. First, there is a significant change in the rules for 2022. Both we and the company want to see how the world develops.

Lewis wasn't feeling well

“On the other hand, it’s also because we left the signing of the new contract for quite late, we wanted to sort it out between the two races in Bahrain, but Lewis wasn’t feeling well.

In the end, we started talking only before Christmas. ” "It was important to complete the negotiations as soon as possible. That is why we have postponed the debate on 2022 and beyond to the later phase of 2021. ” "There are uncertainties in the world that affect the way the sport works and our earnings, and Daimler and Mercedes are undergoing a huge transformation towards electric mobility and that requires investment."

"But Lewis and I are fully aware of the situation and there has never been a disagreement about some opinions." Yet many doubt how honest Wolf was and whether it really all went that way. Given the long wait for the signature, it seems that there were certain things that could not be agreed upon, but such things the public cannot find out immediately, but it becomes clear after a few years. Maybe that's when Hamilton finds out what the reason was, and maybe there was no reason