Official: Hamilton signed a new contract with Mercedes

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Official: Hamilton signed a new contract with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has finally signed a new contract with Mercedes that will be valid for this season after winning his seventh championship title and sixth with Mercedes last season. Hamilton and Mercedes postponed negotiations on a new contract after the 2020 F1 season so they could focus on the championship, and negotiations dragged on even longer after Hamilton picked up COVID-19.

Although both sides agreed that the new contract was a matter of formality, the delay in signing the contract prompted theories that the two sides could not agree on the details of the new contract, including salary and contract duration.

But today Hamilton and Mercedes have confirmed that they have signed a new one-year contract that is valid until the end of the 2021 F1 season. “I’m excited to be entering my ninth season with Mercedes,” Hamilton said.

"Our team has achieved amazing things and we look forward to continuing to build our success and continuously improve on and off the track."

Schafer is delighted

Daimler board member Markus Schäfer is delighted that Mercedes has retained the most successful driver in F1 history who can further strengthen his position among the F1 giants this year and win his eighth championship title.

“We are very happy to keep the most successful F1 driver of the current era on the most successful F1 team of the current era,” Schäfer said. "Lewis is not only an incredibly talented driver but also works very hard for his achievements and is extremely motivated."

"He shares his passion for performance with the whole team and that's why this collaboration has become so successful." "But he is also big-hearted and cares about the world around him, which he wants to influence.

As a company, we share that sense of responsibility and are proud to launch a new joint foundation to increase diversity in Formula 1. It is certain that this is a big gain for the Mercedes team because Hamilton is currently the best driver in Formula 1 and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to match him this season as well as previous ones.

They are aware in Mercedes how good this move is and now they can finally be calm. Hamilton will try to win the title again this season as the main favorite, but he could have difficulties in that goal because it seems that the rivals are very serious.