Szaufnaeur: “Lance will learn from Sebastian. But it won't be easy for Sebastian."

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Szaufnaeur: “Lance will learn from Sebastian. But it won't be easy for Sebastian."

Aston Martin F1 boss Otmar Szafnauer believes they can get the best out of Sebastian Vettel and allow him to enjoy the ride again, but also warns him that it will not be easy against new team-mate Lance Stroll who is ‘very, very fast’.

After six years at Ferrari, where he was runner-up twice time behind Hamilton, Vettel joined the Aston Martin team, which finished fourth in the constructors' standings last year under the name Racing Point and had the third-fastest car on average.

Perez was again faster than Stroll, although the Canadian made a lot of progress, so in many races, he was very close to Perez or even faster than him, winning three podiums and pole position in the wet Istanbul Park. Szafnauer believes that Stroll will learn from the four-time world champion Vettel, but also that he will bother him because he is very fast.

"I am very sure that we will bring him to his best level," Szafnauer told Vettel for RTL. “At the age of 33, you don't forget how fast a race car drives. He will show the world that he can do a great job when he is in the right environment, with the right motivation and enjoyment of racing.


Szaufnaeur expects cooperation between Stroll and Vettel and believes that Stroll will be able to learn a lot from Vettel who has a big experience and who knows F1 best of all. “Lance will learn from Sebastian.

But it won't be easy for Sebastian. Lance is very, very fast. ” "First and foremost, they will be teammates, and only then opponents. They will learn from each other and lead the team forward. ” "I expect the same from Lance and Seba."

“Sebastian is more motivated than ever, he will definitely help us understand in which areas the teams that have won titles are doing a better or different job than us. That will help us improve in those areas. ” Szafnauer says Aston Martin’s goal for 2021 is third place in the constructors ’standings after they failed to win third place last year due to breakdowns, penalties, and driving errors.

The competition will be tough this year but Aston Martin hopes to be able to match the "big" teams "We should have finished third, so it makes sense to aim for third place again this year," he said. "But it would be great if we could fight Red Bull and Mercedes."