Lewis Hamilton renews contract with Mercedes and ...

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Lewis Hamilton renews contract with Mercedes and ...

Lewis Hamilton will renewal his contract with Mercedes. Everyone thinks or perhaps already knows that the signature will arrive and the officialization could come next week. he will have to be there alongside Valtteri Bottas, who is training on the snow to be ready for the first race of the 2021 championship.

The deal has probably been found and Lewis, who has waited a long time to say yes, will sign a one-season contract with an option for 2020. Basically one to one contract, and will earn 40 million per season. Mercedes has decided to support the seven-time world champion driver who last October also became the driver with the most successes in Formula 1 history.

Furthermore, the Englishman will have the opportunity to include two sponsors on his helmet. The 36-years-old driver, who has also become Baronet, would have included the right of veto on the choice of future teammates in his contract.

A choice that has created problems, but which is not new. The veto would not be placed on George Russell, but would instead concern Max Verstappen, as Bernie Ecclestone also made it clear who, speaking of this, recalled the famous veto of Piquet, who did not want a young Ayrton Senna in Brabham.

Lewis Hamilton: "I will do everything to win the 8th world title"

In an exclusive interview for the Italian magazine SportWeek, the British driver Lewis Hamilton talked about the upcoming F1 season. The Mercedes champion, the most successful driver in F1 history, also talked about the social commitment to the rights of people, animals and environmental awareness.

He said: "The eighth world title would be something huge, I can't even say the number, but that's what I'm focusing all my efforts on. We have a tough season ahead of us, Red Bull has proven to be really strong in last races of 2020 and we had our engines at full speed.

It is getting harder, when you are approaching the top it is possible to make progress, but when you are already in the lead the progress is always smaller, and the steps forward are followed by steps back . Being able to continually improve is a great feat.

I liked Ayrton Senna for his victories and for the way he faced a system that was not always benevolent against him, something that I have also experienced in my career, albeit for different reasons."