Lewis Hamilton praised Tom Brady

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Lewis Hamilton praised Tom Brady

Lewis Hamilton, the British champion who equaled Michael Schumacher with seven Formula 1 world titles in 2020, could try to overtake in the season that kicks off in a few months at former German Ferrari champion. Much will depend on the renewal with Mercedes which is slow in coming, as revealed by team principal Toto Wolff on Austrian television Orf: "The lawyers are working hard and we are making life even more difficult with continuous meetings on Zoom.

Now Lewis is in the United States, but we will sign." The 35-years-old Brit posted a photo of Tom Brady in his Instagram Stories, and he wrote: "This man keeps surprising me. Tom Brady, you're the GOAT. I'm proud of you, bro.

And now down with the Super Bowl"! " Brady himself replied: "Me the best? Just like you, Lewis!" For the NFL champion, the appointment with history is set for 7 February. For Hamilton, on the other hand, his first real commitments at the wheel should begin with winter tests from 12 to 14 March, in order to better prepare for his seasonal debut on the Bahrain track.

Tom Brady managed to bring his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to the Super Bowl at 43 years-old.

Lewis Hamilton: "I will do everything to win the 8th world title"

In an exclusive interview for the Italian magazine SportWeek, the British driver Lewis Hamilton talked about the upcoming F1 season.

The Mercedes champion, the most successful driver in F1 history, also talked about the social commitment to the rights of people, animals and environmental awareness. He said: "The eighth world title would be something huge, I can't even say the number, but that's what I'm focusing all my efforts on.

We have a tough season ahead of us, Red Bull has proven to be really strong in last races of 2020 and we had our engines at full speed. It is getting harder, when you are approaching the top it is possible to make progress, but when you are already in the lead the progress is always smaller, and the steps forward are followed by steps back .

Being able to continually improve is a great feat. I liked Ayrton Senna for his victories and for the way he faced a system that was not always benevolent against him, something that I have also experienced in my career, albeit for different reasons."