Brown on the next season: "I think it will be a race between seven teams."

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Brown on the next season: "I think it will be a race between seven teams."

McLaren managing director Zak Brown hopes a major rule change for 2022 will lead to more even competition in which he will need to have fewer wins in a season to become champion, which is the complete opposite of current Mercedes dominance.

Mercedes has won all driving and construction titles since 2014, and the only two seasons in which they did not win the vast majority of races were 2017 (12 wins in 20 races) and 2018 (11 wins in 21 races). Last season, Mercedes's dominance returned to levels from 2014 to the end of 2016, and in the first races, they had a huge advantage over the competition, winning a total of 14 of the 17 races of the shortened season.

McLaren’s Brown hopes the new rules for 2022, which include a budget cap that takes effect this year, will result in more even competition and we will have more winners. "The new era of Formula 1 is coming at the right time," Brown told Motorsport-Total.

"The budget limit [at $ 145 million] will hit us, too, but not like the three big teams [Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari] that spend significantly more than we do." “Revenue distribution doesn’t make much of a difference to us, but it will make sports more competitive.

Now we have the opportunity to be a great team, but it also brings us more competition from the middle of the standings. " "We have a better chance of catching up with rivals ahead of us, but at the same time we have to be careful because seven teams could work with a maximum budget."

“AlphaTauri is a very well-equipped team. Lawrence Stroll invests a lot of money in his team [Aston Martin]. And there is Renault [from 2021 Alpine] which is probably at our level. ” “We have seven teams all playing with a racket of the same size and that’s great.

I don’t just think we’ll have a better chance of finishing first or second. I think it will be a race between seven teams. "

Brown wants equal races

Brown hopes Formula 1 will become similar to IndyCar where teams are much more evenly matched and where big teams also win titles but also beat smaller teams.

“It would be great if you could win the championship again with three or four wins in a season, not 14,” Brown concluded. The last extremely equal season in which world champion Vettel won just five wins in 20 races happened in 2012 when as many as eight different drivers from six teams celebrated in the races, and Red Bull as the construction champion won only seven of 20 races.

Alonso was the runner-up that season with just three points less than Vettel even though he won just three of 20 races but even finished 13 times on the podium.