Jody Egginton believes that tokens will not be key to success

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Jody Egginton believes that tokens will not be key to success

Red Bull CTO Jody Egginton believes that choosing the area where teams will spend their two development tokens for this season is not key to car development and power balance between teams and that the key differentiator will continue to be aerodynamic development that remains unrestricted.

Due to cost reductions, a major change to the technical regulations has been postponed to 2022, and this season teams must use last year’s chassis and there is a limited range of areas they can change for 2021. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner previously revealed that the new car will inherit about 60% of the parts from last year and will therefore be called the RB16B, and changes to the rules regarding floor dimensions, diffusers and aero elements around the downforce rear brakes should reduce around 10%.

McLaren is the only team allowed to change the chassis design so they can install new Mercedes engines after using Renault’s for the past three years, and Red Bull’s Egginton believes aerodynamic development will continue to be paramount.

“At the end of the day, aerodynamics are still not controlled by tokens,” Egginton told "You can opt for a new nose, but the nose will not have a decisive impact on your aerodynamic concept when almost all other parts of the ordinance, except the one for the back of the floor, are the same as before."

Egginton talked about aerodynamics importance

It seems that aerodynamics is key in everything and Eginnton believes that if the issue of aerodynamics is not resolved, everything else is less important. "You can play with the chassis to some extent, but everyone except McLaren will keep the same drive so their tokens will go for it because they have to install a new drive."

"I'm sure there are trade-offs and advantages in that, and I don't know exactly what that will mean for them." “But I don’t think tokens are the factors that make a difference in terms of the aerodynamic concept so aerodynamics is still paramount.

Everyone will spend tokens on something, but I don't think they will be a key differentiator that will determine the order. " Honda announced last year that 2021 would be their last season in Formula 1, and Red Bull is still waiting for the FIA’s confirmation about freezing engine development from 2022, which would allow them to continue using Honda engines next year.