McLaren wants to create a new car to be more competitive this season

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McLaren wants to create a new car to be more competitive this season

McLaren with the new F1 cars for 2021 and 2022 wants to push the boundaries and is not afraid to go the riskier and more aggressive development path in an effort to catch up with the leading teams, which is why they are currently struggling with several problems.

The second most successful team in the history of Formula 1 wants to return to the paths of old glory, and after several worse seasons, in 2019 they managed to return to fourth place in the constructors' standings, while in 2020 they finished third and tied the 2012 ranking.

A guarantee of further progress is the signing of the new technical director James Key from Toro Ross, who already worked on last year's McLaren MCL35, but also the new driver Daniel Ricciardo, who is arriving from Renault.

In addition, McLaren provided Mercedes engines for 2021, which required modifications to the chassis, and they were the only team allowed to change the chassis design under the watchful eye of the FIA, which made sure to modify only the necessary things to install a new drive unit.

Thynne on their new car design

McLaren production director Piers Thynne said they opted for an aggressive car design for 2021 and 2022 and that it is normal that they have certain problems in that case. "A lot is going according to plan, but there are certain challenges at the moment.

But it's F1, ”he said. "If you don't have any problems then you're probably not aggressive enough." "If everything is simple then it means sacrificing performance because you haven't pushed the boundaries hard enough."

"When the time comes to build a car for 2022, we want it to be good immediately. We were able to start development with our program in the 2022 car air tunnel, which began in early January. ” “We produced a huge number of parts for that program.

As for the actual production of the car for 2022, it is still very early and the focus is mainly on the parts that need to be tested in the air tunnel. ” “Test parts should push the boundaries when it comes to aerodynamics because that’s how you get performance.

If they work, great. If they don't work, we can always take a step back. " "You have to target the stars and that's exactly what we're doing to get back to the top of the rankings."